21st Apr 2020

Maintaining Perspective – Promoting British Values and SMSC

All maintained schools must meet the requirements set out in section 78 of the Education Act 2002 and promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural [SMSC] development of their pupils. Through ensuring pupils” SMSC development, schools can also demonstrate that they are actively promoting fundamental British values.” DfE November 2014
This session will cover the following:
·         Background – What are British Values?
·         SMSC – Why is it important?
·         Governors’ monitoring role – Key areas for attention
·         Demonstrating effectiveness in meeting statutory duties and responding to other advice and requirements
·         What will Ofsted be looking for – What will inspectors ask?
·         Safeguarding and vigilance – training for staff
·         Duty on schools “to have regard to” PREVENT young people being drawn into terrorism
·         What to do if concerns are raised either by parents or the actions of another member of the governing board
Presenter: Anne Quigley, External Educational Consultant
Fees for this session are payable via the school budget and not by individual members of the governing board. If your governing board has signed up to the Governance Training Service Level Agreement, sessions are free of charge. Governors of governing boards who have not signed up to the Governance Training Service Level Agreement may attend for a fee of £80 per session.
If you are unable to attend a course, we ask that you please notify the Governance Services Team to enable the place to be offered to others.
Cancellation fees will apply for non-attendance or if a place is cancelled by the delegate within five working days of the course date. Schools who have signed up to the Governance Training Service Level Agreement will be charged £25 for each cancellation within five days of the course. If your school has not signed up to the SLA the full course fee will be charged.
Fees may be waived in exceptional circumstances. Please contact Marie Foley, Governance Training Officer on 01204 332116 or via email at

Price per session: Governance Training SLA / £80

Venue: Bolton Science and Technology Centre

Time: 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Category: Training

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