25th Nov 2020

The Head Teacher’s Appraisal Review: Virtual

During social distancing, isolation and shielding, this session will be provided via a pre-recorded video session which will be uploaded to the Governance Gateway on 25 November 2020.

By the end of this session you will :

  • Understand the importance and context of setting realistic but challenging performance objectives for the Head Teacher/ Principal

Presenter: Liam Trippier, Associate School Improvement Professional

Fees for this session are payable via the school budget and not by individual members of the governing board. If your governing board has signed up to the Governance Training Service Level Agreement, sessions are free of charge. Governors of governing boards who have not signed up to the Governance Training Service Level Agreement may attend for a fee of £80 per session.

This video session will be made available via the Governance Gateway system from 25 November 2020 and may be viewed anytime within one month of this date. You will receive notification via email. This course is subject to the usual cancellation procedures.

Price per session: Governance Training SLA/ £80

Venue: Virtual Training

Time: 12pm Virtual Training

Category: Training

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