Governance Audit and Reviews

Governance Audit and Reviews
Further to the existing training and development opportunities and external review of governance programme, the Governance Services Team has developed a suite of lighter touch audit tools to provide an  assessment on governance skills, experience and practices. The tools are expected to assist governing boards in their own development and provide a guided assessment conducted by a Governance Professional by way of a written report for the board to action as part of their own self-evaluation and quality assurance processes.
The following reviews are currently available for purchase on a commissioned basis:

Training and Development Audit

The Training and Development Audit is aimed at assessing the existing skills and experience of each individual governor on the board and provides a written report which identifies possible routes for specific training and development.

  • Individual governors are requested to complete an online survey which includes a skills audit and asks a number of questions about their involvement on the board.
  • An experienced Governance Professional will review and assess the data and information provided.
  • A short-written report will be provided to the board which will identify areas of training a development for individuals and the board as a whole.

Board Meeting and Documentation Review

The Board Meeting Review will be conducted by an experienced Governance Professional and is aimed as a review of current practice and effectiveness of board meetings.
  • A Governance Professional will attend, by appointment, a meeting of the governing board or committee
  • An assessment will be made on a number of factors including the quality of information provided by leaders, the quality of challenge and support provided by governors to school leaders and the general proceedings of the meeting, including chairing and support by the clerk to the board.
  • Documentation will be reviewed prior to the meeting including the subsequent minutes of the meeting.
  • A written report will be provided to the board highlighting areas of good practice and areas for development, where appropriate.

Further information and costs can be gained by contacting our Governance Development Officer on 01204 332104 or via email at