Training & Development Lead Briefings

Training & Development Lead Briefings

The Governance Training and Development Lead has the essential and exciting role of ensuring all members of the Board have access to quality training and development that enable the Board to fulfil its core functions of strategic direction, accountability and financial management, as defined by the DfE. It is the Training and Development Lead’s role to actively support a learning culture across the whole Board.

Rather than simply track attendance at training and development courses…the ‘Training and Development Governance Lead’  is responsible for ensuring that everyone on the board develops their skills to make an active and valuable contribution to the board. Governance Handbook 2020

The Governance Services Team provides Training and Development Lead Briefings that provide an opportunity to receive essential updates and information on Training and Development opportunities for your Governing and Trust Boards. The DfE and Ofsted emphasise the importance of Governors and Trustees receiving continuous training and development to remain aware of their evolving roles and responsibilities within schools and academies. The briefings are organised and facilitated by the Governance Training Officer and Governance Development Officer.

The briefings are held twice a year, once in the autumn term and again in the summer term.  If the Training & Development Lead is unable to attend any of the sessions, a substitute colleague from the board may attend in their place. Attendance is free of charge for all Bolton schools and academies.

This sessions will be held in person at the Bolton Science and Technology Centre.

Each termly briefing will provide:

  • An opportunity to network with other Training and Development Leads
  • Information on Training and Development opportunities
  • Information and advice on specific nominated governance roles e.g. Safeguarding, SEND
  • Advice on Induction for new Governors and Trustees

If governors and trustees have suggestions for future topics or would like further information, please contact Marie Foley, Governance Training Officer on 01204 332116 or via email at

 Training and Development Lead Briefings – 2023-24
 Autumn Term
 In Person
Monday 18 September 2023
 6 pm – 7 pm
 Summer Term
 In Person
Monday 17 June 2024
 6 pm – 7 pm