The Services We Provide

The Services We Provide

Bolton Governance Services provides quality and value for money services for governing and trust boards of authority maintained schools, non-maintained schools and academy trusts. It is a tried and tested service that provides governance expertise to the majority of establishments within the Bolton area. The combined experience of the governance professionals employed by the service means that boards receive first class support in the modern world of education governance. Not only does the service provide effective organisation and administrative support, but more importantly, helps boards understand their role, functions and legal duties through quality assured clerking, training and development.

Governing and trust boards should demand high standards from their governance professionals and this is why Bolton Governance Services has a commitment to provide access to officers that are fully trained in governance law and procedure and keep up to date with changes in the governance and educational landscape.

The Governance Services team has two clear functions, those that are statutory for maintained schools as a local authority service and those that are traded to support effective governance.

Governance Services – Statutory Functions

  • Provide advice and guidance on statutory requirements and legal responsibilities relating to governance to all maintained schools, the Local Authority and Elected Members of the Council.
  • Preparation and advice for statutory instruments of government for maintained schools
  • Support for Local Authority School Improvement.
  • Provide guidance to LA Officers and Elected Members on matters related to school governance.
  • Monitor governor vacancies, promote governor recruitment and manage LA governor appointments.
  • Maintenance of database for names and terms of office of all governors of maintained schools and academies in Bolton.
  • Advise maintained schools on election procedures for parent and staff governors.
  • Support and manage the elections for the Parent Governor Representatives on the Children’s Services Scrutiny Committee.

Governance Services – Traded Services

 The service recognised the need to support effective leadership, management and governance in Bolton to ensure that all children have the very best start to life. The Bolton Governance Services therefore provide quality, value for money services to support all school and academy boards in the Bolton family.

The following services are offered on a traded basis. Further information can be gained by following the appropriate links.

Communication and Information Sharing

To ensure that all governors, trustees and school leaders have the necessary support, information and guidance for them to fulfil their roles effectively, the Bolton Governance Services Team employs a number of tools to communicate and share information.

The firs is the Bolton Governance Services website which is our one-stop area on the world wide web to provide, guidance, news and updates on matters of national and local interest in education governance. The site also allows provides information on all training and events provided through the service, with the ability to book and reserve places 24 hours a day.

The Governance Services Team also provides further opportunities for governors and trustees to learn, network and grow their knowledge and understanding of governance through the following regular events.:


Please navigate through the pages above to learn more about what the Bolton Governance Services Team can do for you and your governing or trust board.

If you there are any areas of learning or services that we do not currently provide and you would like us to investigate further, please don’t hesitate to contact Marie Foley, Governance Training Officer Officer on 01204 332116 or via email at

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with a product or service provided by the Governance Services Team and would like to discuss your concerns further, please contact John Ashworth, Governance Services Manager on 01204 338601 or via email at