Chairs’ Briefings

Chairs’ Briefings

The Governance Services Team understand the importance of the chair’s role in driving school improvement and therefore provide termly briefing sessions to assist them in their role.

The briefings are held early each term in order to prepare chairs for their forthcoming governing or trust board meetings and to equip them with the knowledge, information and advice needed to effectively undertake their role.

The Chairs’ Briefing sessions aim to:

  • Deepen the understanding of the role of the chair
  • Enhance confidence and skills in managing the role and relationships.
  • Widen the strategies for developing the partnership between the governing or trust board, the senior leadership team and staff.
  • Share leadership issues and make good use of the skills and knowledge of others.
  • Provide information about meeting procedure and regulations.

Attendance at the briefing is free of charge for all chairs of governing and trust boards that purchase the Governing Board Clerking & Support service level agreement. A fee of £40 is chargeable to those schools and academies for chairs attending from boards that do not buy into the service.

The Chairs’ Briefings for the 2021/22 academic year are detailed below. Chairs of the board may book on the sessions by selecting ‘Further Information’ . You need only to attend one sessions per term.

Following Feedback from Chairs, it has been suggested that a blended approach to in person and virtual events would be welcome. We will therefore hold an in person event at the Bolton Science and Technology Centre in the afternoon  and a Live Teams Event with Q&A in the evening.

 Chairs’ Briefing – Summer Term 2022
In Person Event at BSTC
Monday 9 May 2022
                1.30 pm to 2.30 pm
Live Teams Event with Q&A
Monday 9 May 2022
                       6 pm – 7 pm