Partnership Forums

Partnership Forums

The Partnership Forums in Bolton aim to strengthen governance by providing information about local and national initiatives and changes in government legislation. The forums help support effective communication between governing and trust boards and the local authority and promote cohesive working within the Bolton family of schools and academies.

The forums are organised and facilitated by the Governance Development Officer, with a strategic lead from within the Education Improvement Team.

The aims and objectives of the forums are:

  • To raise standards in schools through excellence in governance.
  • To be consulted by and work effectively with local authority officers to gain knowledge and information to assist governors in their strategic roles.
  • To provide an effective, collective and representative voice for governors and trustees of schools and academies
  • To develop and share good practice in governance.
  • To keep governors up to date and informed about local and national initiatives.
  • To provide governors with access to training and development opportunities.
  • To develop links between individual and groups of governors and trustees.

Following feedback through secondary governors and trustees, it was felt that rather than having a structured format of centre based sessions, the Secondary Forums would be specifically aimed at area cluster groups and on a particular subject or matter of interest. These sessions will be facilitated and arranged by the Governance Services Team in conjunction with the Secondary Education Improvement Team, the Secondary Areas Cluster Co-ordinators and with the Bolton Learning Alliance (BLA). Secondary governors are free to attend the primary session, with many topics relevant.

The  Partnership Forums are held on a termly basis at the Bolton Science and Technology Centre and the membership is based on attendance of one governor per school – the ‘partnership governor’.  If the partnership governor is unable to attend any of the meetings, a substitute governor may attend in their place. Attendance is free of charge for all Bolton schools and academies.

Dates of future meetings are provided annually at the summer term meeting for the forthcoming academic year and notice of individual termly meetings will be provided at least seven days in advance to ensure all governors receive adequate notice.

The Partnership Forums for the 2019/20 academic year are detailed below. Nominated partnership governors or chairs of governors may book on the sessions by selecting ‘Further Information’.

If governors and trustees have any thoughts for future topics, please contact Marie Ahmad, Governance Development Officer on 01204 332104 or via email at

In light of the current national emergency and the need to practice social distancing, the summer term Partnership Forum has been cancelled and the planned items postponed to the autumn term session.


 Partnership Forums
Autumn Term
Monday 14 October 2019
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Spring Term
Monday 10 February 2020
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Summer Term
Monday 1 June 2020
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Session Cancelled